Jon Davis attended the University of Pittsburgh.  His selected solo exhibitions include: 2009 at Dale Nally Gallery, Miami Fl; 2008 at the Vero Beach Museum of Art, Vero Beach FL. In 2006 Jon also exhibited at Damien B Art Gallery, Art Basel, Miami FL; the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art, Jacksonville FL; Damien B Art Gallery, Miami FL. In 2004 he showed his full body of work at Carousel Art Space; Art Basel, Miami FL; Miami Beach Cinematheque, Art Basel, Miami Beach FL. In 2003 he soloed at Damien B Art Gallery, Miami FL; in 2002 at Kracer Art, Miami, FL; with his first solo in 1998 at The Pentagon Gallery, Cleveland OH. Jon’s Group Exhibitions, include 2008 at Madison National Juried Show, Madison GA; 2006 at Art Center South Florida, Miami Beach FL; 2004 at Octopus Gallery, Miami FL; and his first group show at The Bake House Art Complex, Miami FL in 2003. He works and lives in Miami with his family.